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History of Humanoid League in IranOpen Competitions

Humanaoid league was enetered in IranOpen competitions from its second run in 2007.

IranOpen2007 in Tehran:

         The chairman was the only person in TC.

         There was no soccer match, only some challenges were performed.

         3 Kidsize teams, and 1 Teen size teams were allowed to attend. Remote brain was allowed.

Qualified Teams:

IranFanavaran from Semnan

Persia from Kerman

Sama from Shiraz

Parsa from Isfahan University of Technology

IranOpen2008 in Qazvin:

         Mr. Hashemi and Mr. Javadi were added to TC.

         6 Kid size teams, and 2 Teen size teams were qualified.

IranOpen2009 in Qazvin:

         11 Kid size teams, and 1 Teen size team were qualified.

IranOpen2010 in Tehran:

         Mr. Faraki was added to TC.

         12 Kid size teams were qualified.

IranOpen2011 in Tehran:

         Two grounds were prepared but only one was used for competitions, and one for tests.

         35 teams preregistered.

         14 Kid size, and 1 Teen size teams were qualified.

         Timetable of competitions was prepared before the competitions.

IranOpen2012 in Tehran:

         Competitions performed in two kid size grounds.

         Mr. Givchi was added to TC and Mr. Faraki left it.

         The first soccer mach between two teen size teams.

         27 teams preregistered.

         14 Kidsize teams, and 2 Teensize teams were qualified.

IranOpen2013 in Tehran:

         Competitions performed in two grounds.

         Mr. Assadzadeh and Mr. Abbasszadeh were added to TC.

         One Adult team took part for the first time.

         18 teams preregistered.

         12 Kidsize teams, 3 Teensize teams, and 1 Adult size team were qualified.

IranOpen2014 in Tehran:

         There was one Kidsize and one one Teen size grounds. According to the rules the ground areas were increased.

         Dr. Ersali Salehi became a TC member and Mr. Givchi left it.

         11 Kidsize teams, 5 Teensize teams, and 1 Adult size team were qualified, but 7 Kid, 2 Teen, and 1 Adult size teams attended.

Result: Kidsize

1.       Fumanoids

2.       Baset

3.       BoldHearts

Teen size:

1.       Baset

Adult size:

1.       Behrobot

More will be added later.