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Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab)

In His Name, the Most High

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is one of the first research labs which was established in the department and actually in the country in 1379 (2000), by Dr. Sedighi, Dr. Montazeri, and Me. Since then, we tried to establish the Masters and PhD degrees in Artificial Intelligence and many students have been graduated in these degrees.

The lab is active in many related areas in AI, specially in Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. In Machine Learning projects have focused on multiagent reinforcement learning. In computer vision the works have been in the areas of action recognition, object tracking, pedestrian recognition. In robotics, autonomous navigation, improving relative SLAM, humanoids and somehow engaged in Underwater and Aerial Robots as well. 

Robotic teams have been active in the lab, and so far the following teams have worked in the lab:

  • 2D simulation league in 1379 attending Amirkabir University competitions.
  • 2D simulation league attending Robocup Italy 2003.
  • Middle size humanoid league in Robocup Japan 2005, ranked 2nd in middle size.
  • Small size humanaoid league in IranOpen 2007, ranked 1st in technical challange.
  • UAV in IranOpen.
  • 3D simulation league in IranOpen 2017, ranked 3rd.
  • 3D simulation league in Robocup 2017 Japan, ranked 5th, and ranked 3rd in technical challange.
  • 3D Simulation league in IranOpen 2018, ranked 2nd.
  • 3D Simulaton league in 2nd Asia-Pacific Robocup 2018, Iran, ranked 2nd.


At the moment, the lab is active in 3D simulation league and humanoid league.

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